Just Plugging Along

LOTS of project posts coming soon. We’ve been busy! But we haven’t gotten everything quite put back together yet, so I don’t have nice pictures.

In the meantime… At 35 weeks, this heartburn stuff is getting fun. It shows up if I’m hungry. If I’m full. Water makes it worse. Sugary drinks make it worse. Milk doesn’t help at all. It’s an interesting party in my esophagus!

Eating is challenging, too, since I go from full to starving in about 45 seconds but baby’s squishing everything and there’s *maybe* room for one sandwich in there before getting too full. Which means endless eating. This hunger is primal, too. There is no denying it or putting it off or ignoring it. So when I hemmed a pair of pants for my hubby the other day BEFORE breakfast, that was some real love going on. 😉

Pregnancy brain…. Our fetal movement counts rarely take more than 10 minutes since this little one’s so active all the time. But. If I don’t write down the start time, by the time I’ve counted 10 movements, I’ve forgotten what time we started and have to start over. And it usually takes 5 minutes or less. So if I say I’m going to do something and don’t…. Was it more than a minute ago? If so, I need it stapled to my forehead because I’ve probably forgotten already.

Things are almost ready!! All of Spawn’s adorable clothes are washed and sorted and folded. Things are going up on the walls. Our long list of things to have on hand for the birth is just about complete. I thoroughly traumatized a cat today when I put together the swing and turned it on. She really truly thought I’d brought a cat killing machine into the house! (Little does she know… The real cat killing machine is going to be smaller and louder than a swing!)



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