We’re Having a Baby

Ok, obviously.

But. We’re having a baby.  This baby can show up in as little as 4 weeks. Or Spawn can relax and hang out for up to another 9 weeks. That’s still really soon.

I’m having a little freak out here. I know, the likelihood of a first baby coming early- especially as early as 37 weeks- is low. But I also just had a friend who had her son at 36 weeks and it was her first (and no, no induction or anything. That baby was ready!). It happens, so we have to be ready for the possibility whether it’s likely or not.

In some ways I’m oh so ready. I can’t wait to snuggle this little one in my arms and sleep on my back and be able to sit comfortably. I’m excited to meet this person who regularly has dance parties in there and get to know this baby. But I’m going to miss watching and feeling my whole abdomen shift and move. While Spawn’s in me, it’s the 3 of us- mama, daddy, & baby. And in all honesty, I’m not looking forward to sharing. I’m going to miss all of the prenatal things that have been keeping me busy and helping me get out of the house- our birth class has finished, prenatal yoga lasts only as long as I’m pregnant, and midwife/doula appointments will begin to drop off and end.


We have decisions to make, both major and minor; projects to finish; things to buy and prep; thank you notes to write; and a myriad of other things to do in the next few weeks. If anyone has a pause button, can I borrow it?


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