Bedroom Things! (Comforter)

Inspiration PhotoI saw this comforter on Pinterest forever ago. Honestly, I think it’s been a solid year at least. If not longer. Anyway, I fell in love with it. But between moving last May and then working on curtains for that house (keeping people from seeing us walking around less than fully clothed took priority) and just life in general, the project kept getting put off. Which turned out to be a good thing since we replaced our bed this year and changed sizes.

There were a couple things I wanted to do differently on mine. The first being that white is most definitely the most ridiculous color we could ever have on a piece of fabric in our house. 1 black dog, 1 black cat, 1 tortie cat, and one Siamese mix cat = LOADS of colorful fur. Plus, we eat in bed. We’re human, we make messes and spill things sometimes. And kids… White comforter + kids? Ha!

Second, I wanted a more sophisticated look to the bed. I loved the look, but felt like jersey would be too casual looking in person. Originally I wanted a sateen fabric to give a gorgeous sheen to it. However. When I finally got my ass in gear and picked a color (charcoal) and priced a sateen… OUCH. That got scrapped pretty quick. The project got put off again while I worked on figuring out a more affordable option. I started looking for sheet sets I could cannibalize at places like Ross. But I never found anything I like and those stores never have just flat sheets! (Who wants to deal with a fitted sheet?) And then, I found Target’s Threshold Performance sheets. Perfect! They had that rustly, solid feel to them that I wanted. Plus, each flat sheet was in the vicinity of $15. MUCH better. Bonus: Sheets are made to last and to be washed.

I ended up using 2 king flat sheets and 1 queen flat sheet with quite a few squares left over (my fault- I miscalculated how many I would need). (Someday I will find a use for those…)

My mom came and spent hours and hours on this thing- it is not a project for the faint of heart. Hourly, I probably would have been better off buying a nice comforter. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I’m really glad she did so much on it or it might never have gotten done!

A few tips we discovered along the way…

  • It sounds like it would be easier to do a gather stitch and just gather the squares rather than pin each side so many times. No. Just no. Tuck and pin as instructed.
  • Use at least 2 strands of thread when you’re knotting your squares. One strand is a bit weak- I had one pop within about a month of using it and while it’s pretty easy to fix, you don’t want to have to fix them.
  • Don’t trust duvet measurements!!! I spent hours and hours searching for the biggest oversize king duvet I could find. (Hubby & I fight over blankets a lot, so I wanted to solve that.) The one I eventually got measured quite a bit shorter than the seller listed on Amazon. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (Maybe if I were super talented and motivated, I would have made the duvet part, too… But I spent $30 on Amazon for that duvet. To make my own would have been at least 3 times that plus all the extra work. Not happening.)
  • It’s a lot of work. A lot. But it’s also a very forgiving kind of sewing project. Your squares don’t have to be perfect, the knots don’t have to be perfect, your gathering doesn’t have to be perfect. Which makes it the perfect project for someone like me who couldn’t make a neatly blocked quilt to save her life.

After all that? I’m really happy with it. I wish it was a bit longer and wider to fully give it the look I wanted. But it makes me happy to walk in and see it on our bed. And it seems to be large enough that we’re not constantly fighting over it, so I guess it’s the size it needs to be!

Love. Maybe I'll start making the bed? Naw. Probably not. Nice idea, though.

Love. Maybe I’ll start making the bed? Naw. Probably not. Nice idea, though.

And it looks amazing at night with the super cool bed frame my hubby planned and we built. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I am beyond excited about having those under bed LED lights for midnight changings and such- I can turn that on without having a super bright light or waking all of us up fully.)



Nursery Projects: Rocking Chair

Ok, what’s with the glider obsession? Maybe I’m weird- and I must be, considering what follows- but I just don’t understand why you would want a glider over a nice rocking chair. Obviously, based on my shopping attempts, I’m in the minority here.

Even in SoCal, where you can find just about anything without going far at all, I wasn’t able to find a decent chair. So… Off to Craigslist! I found this guy for $35. It just needed some TLC (that ugly gold floral bit HAD to go!).

It looks ivory... When you get close, you can see that it actually was white once upon a time.

It looks ivory… When you get close, you can see that it actually was white once upon a time.

A 40 minute drive, some sandpaper, 3 cans of spray paint, and we have a much more modern looking chair. Plus, hubby did most of the work on it- score!

Rocking Chair- After

(No picture is complete without a cat somewhere)


Just Plugging Along

LOTS of project posts coming soon. We’ve been busy! But we haven’t gotten everything quite put back together yet, so I don’t have nice pictures.

In the meantime…ย At 35 weeks, this heartburn stuff is getting fun. It shows up if I’m hungry. If I’m full. Water makes it worse. Sugary drinks make it worse. Milk doesn’t help at all. It’s an interesting party in my esophagus!

Eating is challenging, too, since I go from full to starving in about 45 seconds but baby’s squishing everything and there’s *maybe* room for one sandwich in there before getting too full. Which means endless eating.ย This hunger is primal, too. There is no denying it or putting it off or ignoring it. So when I hemmed a pair of pants for my hubby the other day BEFORE breakfast, that was some real love going on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pregnancy brain…. Our fetal movement counts rarely take more than 10 minutes since this little one’s so active all the time. But. If I don’t write down the start time, by the time I’ve counted 10 movements, I’ve forgotten what time we started and have to start over. And it usually takes 5 minutes or less. So if I say I’m going to do something and don’t…. Was it more than a minute ago? If so, I need it stapled to my forehead because I’ve probably forgotten already.

Things are almost ready!! All of Spawn’s adorable clothes are washed and sorted and folded. Things are going up on the walls. Our long list of things to have on hand for the birth is just about complete. I thoroughly traumatized a cat today when I put together the swing and turned it on. She really truly thought I’d brought a cat killing machine into the house! (Little does she know… The real cat killing machine is going to be smaller and louder than a swing!)


We’re Having a Baby

Ok, obviously.

But. We’re having a baby.ย  This baby can show up in as little as 4 weeks. Or Spawn can relax and hang out for up to another 9 weeks. That’s still really soon.

I’m having a little freak out here. I know, the likelihood of a first baby coming early- especially as early as 37 weeks- is low. But I also just had a friend who had her son at 36 weeks and it was her first (and no, no induction or anything. That baby was ready!). It happens, so we have to be ready for the possibility whether it’s likely or not.

In some ways I’m oh so ready. I can’t wait to snuggle this little one in my arms and sleep on my back and be able to sit comfortably. I’m excited to meet this person who regularly has dance parties in there and get to know this baby. But I’m going to miss watching and feeling my whole abdomen shift and move. While Spawn’s in me, it’s the 3 of us- mama, daddy, & baby. And in all honesty, I’m not looking forward to sharing. I’m going to miss all of the prenatal things that have been keeping me busy and helping me get out of the house- our birth class has finished, prenatal yoga lasts only as long as I’m pregnant, and midwife/doula appointments will begin to drop off and end.


We have decisions to make, both major and minor; projects to finish; things to buy and prep; thank you notes to write; and a myriad of other things to do in the next few weeks. If anyone has a pause button, can I borrow it?